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Parent Coaching


Deb Woods

Providing tools and resources to assist you on your parenting journey
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Deb Woods - Parenting Ways

Parent Coaching


Deb Woods

Providing tools and resources to assist you on your parenting journey

What you learn at Parenting Ways parent coaching

Founder of Parenting Ways, Deb Woods, facilitates parent coaching to help parents understand their children’s behaviour. Parent coaching is a process where the parent works with a coach to learn new parenting techniques. Parent coaching helps parents:



Learn how to interpret and understand your children’s behaviour.



Discover new parenting techniques from the best evidence-based parenting models.



Experience the rewards of a stronger relationship by building respect and trust with your children.

Deb Woods

Meet Deb Woods

Hi, I’m Deb Woods. I have always loved working with children and families, which is why I studied Child Development and Behaviour before founding Parenting Ways, my parent coaching services.

As a parent coach, I have over 16 years of experience helping parents in the United Kingdom and Australia develop confidence as they parent their children.

I understand that every family is different, so I tailor my coaching services to suit each family’s needs.

If you’re looking for a parenting coach to help you build confidence and learn practical parenting strategies more effectively, please get in touch.

Where possible I offer my programs one-to-one, in small groups or online.

I’d love to help you and your family achieve success.


Parenting Ways is among the leading parent and professional coaching program providers in Bunbury and the South West.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, individual, carer, teacher, or business, there is a program to fit your individual, family, or corporate needs.

Delightfully warm and approachable, Deb delivers evidence-based, accredited programs that help parents and professionals achieve their parenting or caring goals.

Circle of Security Parenting®

Circle of Security Parenting®

Knowing how to best support our children through their development is challenging, especially when they are struggling.

All parents want what’s best for their children, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to provide that love and support. We all want our children to feel safe and secure, but sometimes we don’t know how to make that happen.

The Circle of Security Parenting program is an evidence-based intervention that helps parents and caregivers raise emotionally intelligent children who feel safe and loved.

Bringing Up Great Kids in the First 1000 days

Bringing Up Great Kids in the First 1000 days

You want to give your child the best start in life, but you’re unsure where to start.

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are important for their future development. But it can be hard to know what you should do during this time.

The Bringing Up Great Kids in the First 1000 Days program was created with the help of experts and provides parents with all the information they need to support their children’s development during these crucial early years.

Expertly facilitated by Deb, this 10-hour course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to be confident in your parenting.

Bringing Up Great Kids: Parenting After Family Violence

Bringing Up Great Kids: Parenting After Family Violence

It can be tough to deal with the aftermath of family violence, especially when it comes to parenting. You may feel like you’re not sure how to do things right or that you’re not good enough.

Dealing with family violence is tough enough, but trying to cope while raising kids can feel impossible. You may feel like you’re all alone in this, like you can’t talk to anyone about what’s happening.

Under Deb’s expert guidance, this program offers support and guidance as you work through your experiences of family violence. With Deb’s gentle coaching, you can reclaim your confidence as a parent and create a safe and supportive space for your kids.

Tuning in to Kids

Tuning in to Kids®

Raising emotionally healthy children is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Yet, many parents and carers struggle with knowing how to help kids learn how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

Tuning in to Kids is the answer. As a coaching program teaching emotionally intelligent parenting, this course will equip you with skills needed for navigating your child’s ups and downs through the pre-school years up to their teens. Feel confident that this evidence-based program will show you how to raise emotionally intelligent children by improving relationships, increasing resilience and reducing problem behaviours.

Bringing Up Great Kids for Kinship Carers/Foster Carers

Bringing Up Great Kids for Kinship Carers/Foster Carers

Kinship carers are often left feeling unsupported and alone when they take on caring for a relative’s child.

These carers need all the support they can get, but they often don’t know where to find it.

If this is you, Deb’s Bringing Up Great Kids for Kinship Carers program provides you with the skills, knowledge and understanding you need.

Protective Behaviours – Universal Plus

Protective Behaviours – Universal Plus

It’s hard to know how to keep children safe, especially when you’re not always with them. Using the Stay Safe Program, Deb will introduce you and your children to Wibbly the Wombat and his friends. This fun, interactive program gives you and your children the skills to stay safe in any situation. With the use of songs and puppets, you’ll learn to support your children to:

  • identify signs when things are no longer safe
  • think clearly about their options
  • take the right action to stay safe
  • seek help from support networks
  • problem-solve using networks.

Help your children identify unsafe situations and learn how take the right action to stay safe.

Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions®

Have you heard of the newest personality profile tool taking the parenting and corporate world by storm?

The name on everyone’s lips is Personality Dimensions®. Created by Canadian experts in the field of psychology and behaviour, this exciting new tool helps you understand how to effectively parent your children or manage employees based on their unique personality profiles.

With Personality Dimensions® training, you’ll gain valuable insight into how individuals respond to different situations and parenting or management styles.

Whether you are a new or experienced parent or a business needing to create a positive work environment, gaining an in-depth understanding of personality types will boost your ability to parent or lead with rewarding results.

Australian Childhood Foundation

Bringing Up Great Kids®

As a parent, you may wonder how to raise your children so that they will be well-adjusted adults.

Yet every day, it seems like there is a new study or theory about raising kids “the right way.” How can you possibly keep up? And even if you could, who says that any of these methods work?

Bringing Up Great Kids® is here to help. This evidence-based program looks at your parenting styles and how you were parented impacts your parenting strategies.  For example, do you sometimes attempt to discipline your children and afterwards think, I sound just like my mother or father?  Without guidance, it’s natural for parents to default to how they were parented.

Deb provides simple, step-by-step techniques that have been proven effective by parents and experts alike. With expert coaching, you’ll be able to create positive family interactions and raise well-adjusted children.

The Incredible Years - Basic

The Incredible Years®

Parenting kids can be challenging, especially when it feels like every day is a new challenge.

And when your child is upset or acting out, it’s hard to know the right action to take. Moreover, parenting shows on TV and post on social media make it look easy.

The Incredible Years® is a range of evidence-based programs formulated to strengthen parenting skills, foster parental involvement in children’s school experiences, and promote children’s academic, social and emotional skills. The programs also help manage problem behaviours, defuse escalating situations, and prevent ingrained patterns from developing.

Bringing Up Great Adolescents

Bringing Up Great Adolescents

Raising great teens is a challenge. You want to do everything right, but sometimes it’s hard to know what is best.

After all, teenagers are impressionable and learn by example. So if you’re not sure how to act, they get confused about what’s acceptable behaviour.

Bringing Up Great Adolescents® will help you become a more mindful parent and give you the tools to improve communication with your children, build mutual respect, and create positive family interactions.

Keeping Kids in Mind

Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM) – Transform Parenting After Separation

Are you navigating the turbulent waters of parenting post-separation? Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM) offers a supportive setting where you can learn to nurture your child’s emotional well-being through and beyond the hurdles of separation.

Transform your approach to post-separation parenting with the comprehensive support and expert guidance of Keeping Kids in Mind.

Parenting just got a whole lot easier!

Now you can better understand your child and how to parent them effectively with the help of Personality Dimensions®, the newest personality profile tool. Created by Canadian experts, this valuable tool provides insight into your child’s unique personality so you can learn how to best support them.

Get started today and see the difference Personality Dimensions® training can make in your parenting journey.

Personality Dimensions

Why parents and carers love Parenting Ways

Identities withheld to protect privacy

Tuning in to Teens

Thanks so much for putting the course on in Margaret River. I really enjoyed and benefited from the course. I have noticed so many positive changes in our lives, the best one being I am getting hugs from my daughter again.

Sorry to have missed the end of the course, unfortunately my daughter and myself got COVID, we have been a week in isolation and haven’t killed each other yet, so the course must have done some magic!!!”

Great Tools

“Gave me the tools to approach situations differently and to change the way I relate to my teens, particularly my daughter.”

Bringing Up Great Adolescents

Q. What did you find the most useful about this program?

A. Seeing the significance of ‘generational’ parenting and the issues it can cause.

Bringing Up Great Kids

Q. In your words, what is the biggest difference the service has made for you?

A. I know that others are struggling with the same problems as I am, but using methods discussed in the course, I am better equipped to deal with them.